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Damascus steel made in-house

We do it all in-house ourselves. All steel is hand forged in our workshop on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

Only the best steels are used to guarantee the toughest and sharpest knives available.

All of our forged knives are made from our own pattern welded steels. We forge weld hundreds of layers of high carbon and high nickel steels together, to form what is known as Damascus steel.


We use several methods to weld, forge and shape our blades. We start by cutting the base metals to size, we then TIG/MIG weld them into a billet. Next we heat them to an extremely high temperature before setting the weld under the hydraulic press or power hammer.

We then draw out the billet, cut it into several sections, clean, re-stack, re-weld and repeat the process until the desired layer count and patterns are achieved.

The steel is forged to profile and drawn out to the desired thickness.

We grind all the fine profiles and bevels on our dedicated knife grinders before moving on to heat treatment.

Forge welding

As seen is this picture we re-stack the steel billet and re-weld as many times as required for the desired layer count. Each one of these five blocks of steel is made up of fifty six layers of high carbon steel. A total of 280 layers in this billet.


We utilise old-world techniques with modern machinery.

It's all in the pattern

Stacked steel after forge welding.

Leaving our mark

We hot stamp our maker's mark by hand, using a hardened steel stamp.

Heat treatment

All forged blades are normalised three times before being heated to an exact temperature in our Paragon heat treating kiln. We quench and temper before moving on to finish grinding, sanding, polishing and fitting.

A family affair

We're a family business. Cassie, Ash's wife can often be found in the workshop assisting with the process.

It's all about the wood

We utilise the finest Australian hardwoods milled with our onsite Lucas Sawmill. We season the timbers for several years before stabilising them in food safe resins, ensuring a long lasting and tough handle fit for the most demanding of environments. 

We only use trees that come down in storms and we rescue logs from going to landfill. Elsewhere, some of the finest furniture grade timbers are turned into woodchips. We do our best to save them for generations to come.

Finishing touches

We take pride in our fit and finish. As we have a background working in commercial kitchens we understand the importance of a well finished knife.

We use quality fasteners and epoxies to ensure the strongest of bonds in all of our knives.

We pride ourselves on a truly handmade product built in-house. We don't take any shortcuts. We make our knives with our hands and ensure every aspect has been crafted with the finest of details taken into account.

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