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Mental health matters

The mental health of everyone is important. In a fast paced world full of day to day stresses it's easy to forget about our physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

Here at Celery Patch Knives we take mental health seriously. We've teamed up with a local mental health group to donate our time delivering the message "It's okay to not be okay". Our contribution has been hands on with designing, laser cutting, hand painting and so far delivering over 220 signs, free of charge. 

We've focused on handing out these signs to local businesses. The idea is these businesses have a "sympathetic ear" and are willing to chat with those who need a mental health boost. 

As much as we like hand painting each sign, we want to share the experience with whomever want's to have a go! 

We've added free to download links to the digital files for anyone to use. Simply download a digital copy and print it however you like. We've focused on laser cutting plywood, while others in our group had posters and coasters professionally printed. 

Click the download button on your file of choice. Once in the download screen right click to "save file as".

The phone number on the sign is for Life Line here in Australia. Feel free to change the number for the applicable service wherever you are in the world.   

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